General FAQs

How is my Insurance Rate determined? What is an insurance score? What is a deductible? Can having a higher deductible make my payment more affordable? What do I risk if I don’t accurately disclose my information to my Independent Insurance Agent? How long is my policy in-force? How do I check what insurance coverages I currently have?


Homeowners FAQs

What is the Paid Loss Surcharge, and how could this impact the cost of my premium? What is the difference between Market Value and Replacement Cost? Will my Homeowners policy cover my home if I am not currently living in it (ex: it is for sale, I’m away on a long-term vacation or I’m renting it to another person/family)? Can I get insurance coverage for my home electronics, mechanical equipment and major appliances? What is the “Backup of Sewers or Drains” endorsement? Do I need this if I already have Homeowners insurance? Can I purchase Flood Insurance from Pioneer State Mutual? What is Inland Marine? Should I have this coverage for any of my personal belongings? How much would I receive for a claim if my property is damaged or lost? (Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost) I live in a Condo where the Association has insurance; do I need my own insurance? I’m renting and my roommate has insurance; do I need my own insurance? Does a college student need insurance for his/her belongings while away at college?


Personal Auto FAQs

Do I have to buy auto insurance? What is “No Fault Auto Insurance?" What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)? What is the difference between Collision and Comprehensive coverage?