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Will my Homeowners policy cover my home if I am not currently living in it (Examples: it is for sale, I’m away on a long-term vacation, or I’m renting it to another person/family)?


No. In order for your Homeowners policy coverage to apply, you must be living in the home.

Should your home become vacant (Examples: it is for sale, you are away on a long-term vacation or you rent it to another person/family), it is important that you immediately notify your Independent Insurance Agent. They will help you determine the best policy for the current use of your home. Failure to notify your agent or Pioneer State Mutual that you are not currently occupying your home will jeopardize your coverage for this property should a loss occur.

For more details on the provisions, conditions, coverages, and exclusions of your Homeowners policy as it relates to your occupancy, please refer to your Pioneer State Mutual Homeowners Policy or contact your Independent Insurance Agent.