For most people, the measure of an insurance company revolves around one question: "Are you going to make me think about insurance?" In those (hopefully) rare instances, we all want our interactions to be as short and easy as possible. That's what we mean when we talk about focusing on customer experience. Have a claim? We'll explain the process to you step-by-step and make things as painless as possible. Have a question about your bill? If you call, you'll find yourself speaking with a real, live person who can help.

It's not rocket science. We just try hard to Make It Easy.

Working with Independent Agents

Speaking of being helpful, are you aware that your Independent Agent is your local, personal, insurance expert? Yep. If you have a question about insurance from what coverage and limits are right for you, to how No-Fault Insurance works in Michigan, they are your best resource. Seriously, try and stump them. But if you do, this wasn't our idea!

Customer Satisfaction

Everyone talks about how happy their customers are, but when it comes to people who have reported claims we get their feedback. And the reason our Claims Satisfaction rating is always so great is because we take feedback seriously.

How-to and Educational Videos

If you were wondering about what you can do regarding your policy on our website, or have questions about the claims process, we have a few helpful videos which you may be interested in.