Maintaining a sound financial base that provides adequate capital to meet the company’s long-term obligations is part of our strategic objectives. Currently, the company is rated A+/Superior from the A.M. Best Company, an independent rating organization serving the insurance industry. Our financial security and stability is a reflection of responsible and loyal policyholders, professional independent agency partners, a supportive Board of Directors and a dedicated employee team.

For more information on our financial base, please see our latest financial statement below:

2017 Balance Sheet
($ in Thousands)


Bonds: $328,937
Common Stocks: $187,568
Real estate: $3,483
Cash and Short term Investments: $27,988
Premiums Receivable: $55,259
Other Assets: $5,464
Total Assets: $608,699

Liabilities and Policyholder Protection

Losses in Process of Adjustment: $101,507
Unearned Premiums: $106,309
Accrued Expenses: $20,492
Other Liabilities: $17,215
Total Liabilities: $245,522
Reserve for Policyholder Protection: $363,176
Total Liabilities and Policyholder Protection: $608,699


2017 Income Statement
($ in thousands)


Net Premiums Earned: $199,823
Net Investment Income: $13,829
Total Income Earned: $213,652


Claims and Policy-Related Expenses: $167,986
Administrative Expenses: $13,456
Total Expenses: $181,442

Net Income Before Taxes: $32,210
Income Tax Expense: $9,951
Net Income: $22,259

Combined Ratio: 89.7%


See Balance Sheet for Prior Year