The Pioneer Renters Advantage
While we’ve always offered The Pioneer Advantage as a bundle of great coverages at a low cost, this package is tailored to the needs of someone who rents. It includes:

Home Cyber Protection
Provides $25,000 coverage limits for Cyber Attack, Cyber Extortion, Online Fraud, Data Breach or Identity Recovery costs incurred as the direct result of any one occurrence.

Refrigerated Products
Your policy comes standard with a $250 limit for covered losses of your refrigerated products. The Pioneer Advantage increases that limit by $250.

Fire Department Service Charge
Your policy comes standard with a $500 limit to pay for fees from your fire department related to covered losses. The Pioneer Advantage increases that limit by $500.

Theft from Self-Storage Unit Coverage
Your policy automatically includes a limit of $2,000 for theft of personal property being kept in a locked self-storage unit. The Pioneer Renters Advantage adds $3,000 to that limit for a total of $5,000 in coverage.

Personal Property Coverage Enhancements
Coverage for your possessions is increased in two ways by The Pioneer Renters Advantage. The standard Renter’s policy covers your property for its current value. This endorsement increases what we will pay, to the cost required to replace your covered property with similar new property. Coverage is also expanded to include all perils (causes of loss) other than those which are specifically excluded. This is broader coverage than having only the standard list of “named perils” covered by the standard Renter’s policy.

Building Alterations/Additions Coverage
This will pay for covered losses to additions or alterations to your rented residence (e.g. a deck or sunroom, etc.) which were constructed/altered at your expense.

Limit is set as 10% of Coverage C.

Bed Bug Remediation Coverage
This coverage will pay up to $500 for hiring a licensed pest control contractor to treat an infestation of bed bugs. Coverage does not include the cost of hiring a professional to determine if an infestation exists, or pay for cleaning, replacing, or repairing damaged/contaminated property.

This coverage can be added online via your My Pioneer account!

Available for Renters (HO4) policies.