Now is the time to Go Paperless with Pioneer!

There's nothing new here you haven't seen before. You already know the benefits of going paperless, but many people assume the downside will be that their inbox gets flooded with marketing emails. At Pioneer we know the difference between what information is actually relevant to your policy and what's spam. We don't like spam either so we won't bother you with it!

Why is now the right time to enroll?
For auto policyholders, the updates to Michigan auto law in 2020 mean that we are required to collect a lengthy form from you prior to every renewal. That's a lot more paper than you're getting already which can be a headache. Signing up for Paperless eliminates that paper and means you'll get notified quicker and therefore have more time to get your forms completed.

For other types of policies, we don't have a fancy marketing pitch for you... it's just normal paperless document delivery. But we still think you should enroll!


So how do I enroll?
We tried to make it easy for you.

  1. Log In.
    Paperless settings are controlled within your My Pioneer account. If you don't have one already, click Log In or Create an Account on our home page to set one up.

  2. Click Account Settings.
    Once you log in, find and click the link to Account Settings near the top right of your screen.

  3. Choose Paperless Settings.
    The Account Settings screen has three tabs.... Select the Paperless Settings tab.

  4. Acknowledge the Terms & Conditions.

  5. Sign Up.
    Click the Sign Up link next to the policy or policies you want to enroll in paperless.

  6. Select your options, and click the "Save and Close" button.
    NOTE: For any new email you add, you'll get an email to verify it. Once you click to verify you're all set!