Outdoor Advantage
This endorsement adds coverage for the following: 

Theft of Firearms
This endorsement increases your coverage limit by $10,000 per occurrence for losses due to theft.

Wildlife Food Plots
This endorsement provides additional coverage for wildlife food plots located on the residence premises. Wildlife food plots are covered for the following perils:

Note: Maximum coverage is $500 for any wildlife food plot, up to 5% of the limit of liability that applies to the dwelling.

What’s not covered for Wildlife Food Plots?
This endorsement does not pay for loss or damage to:

Trailers & Watercraft
Your coverage limits for watercrafts and for non-watercraft trailers are each increased by $3,000 per occurrence with this endorsement.

Refrigerated Products
This endorsement increases your coverage limit for refrigerated products by $250 per occurrence.

Outdoor Equipment
This endorsement adds coverage of up to $5,000 per occurrence for covered losses to the *following equipment

* Applies only to covered perils for items owned by the policyholder. Claims filed for coverage provided by this endorsement are subject to your policy deductible.


This coverage can be added online via your My Pioneer account!