Home Cyber Protection Coverage
The idea of having your identity stolen is enough to give anyone pause, and in our connected world individuals and families face many of the same risks corporations face including malware attacks, online fraud, data breaches and identity theft. The cost to recover from such a loss can be significant, from data recovery and credit monitoring to legal and forensic expenses – these types of losses can become a serious financial burden. Pioneer’s Home Cyber Protection Coverage can help.

What coverages are provided?

Cyber Attack Coverages
For malware attacks or unauthorized use of owned/leased computers and connected devices, this coverage pays for:

Cyber Extortion Coverages
In response to demands based on credible threats to damage, disable, deny access, or to disseminate content from devices, systems or data, this coverage provides:

Online Fraud Coverages
If online fraud results in direct financial loss to the policyholder, this coverage includes: • Reimbursement of necessary and reasonable fraud costs, such as fraudulent
credit card charges

Data Breach Coverages
In the event of a breach to private, personal data which was entrusted to a household resident, this coverage provides:

Identity Recovery Coverages
For personal identity theft events, this coverage provides:


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