You may have recently received a letter from Pioneer titled "Exceptions to Adverse Actions."  This is a letter that we were required to send to ALL of our Personal Auto and Homeowner policyholders.  You may not have been affected but if you have recently encountered an extraordinary life event which may have negatively impacted your Insurance Score, you have the right to request an exception if you wish.

Check the effective date on your policy, as you may only request an exception within 60 days of your effective date unless the exception is related to COVID or the Midland flooding.

Extraordinary Life Events

If you have recently encountered an extraordinary life event which may have negatively impacted your Insurance Score, you have the right to request an exception. Extraordinary life events may include:

Consideration may also be given if you have been affected by any of the following events related to the Governor’s Emergency Declarations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic or the 2020 Mid-Michigan flooding:

To request an exception you must take action:

  1. Acquire a copy of your credit information.
    You must provide a copy of your credit information which indicates that an extraordinary life event has negatively affected your Insurance Score.

    You may obtain your credit information for free by contacting:
    TransUnion Consumer Relations Disclosure Center
    PO Box 1000 • Chester, PA 19022
    (800) 645-1938

  2. Make a note of the extraordinary life event on your credit report.
    Circle or indicate in some way the factor on your credit report affected by an Extraordinary Life Event listed above which has a negative impact on your Insurance Score.

  3. Provide independently verifiable documentation of the extraordinary life event.
    You must provide documentation supporting the extraordinary life event and its impact on your Insurance Score. Documentation may include a divorce decree, deployment orders, bank statements, or other items to prove the event occurred and that it impacted your Insurance Score.

  4. Send a copy of your credit information and documentation to Pioneer State Mutual.
    Send your report and documentation to us using one of the following methods:

    By email at:

    By mail to:
    ATTN: Request Exception
    Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company
    1510 N. Elms Rd.
    Flint, MI 48532

  5. Be certain to include your policy number.
    • If you are sending an email, add your policy number to the subject line of the email.
    • If you are mailing your report in, please write your policy number on your credit information.

  6. Click here to download the form required to submit a request for exception.


How will I know if my request for exception is accepted?
All requests for reasonable exceptions will be reviewed by Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company, and you will be notified in writing regarding whether or not an exception is granted. If an exception is granted you will receive a revised Declarations page showing a lower premium. If you are already in the highest Insurance Score tier no premium reduction can be made as no additional discount is available.