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Farm Insurance

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company’s roots began in the farming industry. For over 100 years we have been loyally providing Michigan farmers with insurance coverage they can trust. We offer discounts and coverage options to fit each individual farmer’s needs. With our insurance farm owners can rest assured that their livelihood is protected. Locate an Agent for a Quote

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Coverage with Confidence

Pioneer State Mutual Insurance understands the importance of ensuring that your farm, land, buildings and home are well protected. Our coverages are designed to fit your specific needs and give a well-rounded protection.

Comprehensive Coverages
Coverages for many types of farms, including:

  • Livestock Farms (Dairy, Hog, Sheep, Beef & more)
  • Country Estate (“Hobby Farms”)
  • Crop Farms
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Community Supported Agriculture (“Urban Gardens”)

  • Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage

  • Farm Home and Property Coverage

  • Other Optional Coverages

  • Discounts

Our Farm Legacy

It was the early 1900s, and as severe storms passed through Michigan, farmers across the land feared the weather would ravage their livelihoods.

Michigan businessman George Whitaker grew tired of seeing countless neighbors’ farms go up in smoke from these sudden strikes of lightning. He knew that despite the terrorizing fear locals had of the storms, many couldn’t afford the very expensive fire insurance. So, he devised a revolutionary idea.

Whitaker designed a plan to sell lightning rods and insurance. Farm owners who purchased a lightning rod would receive an insurance discount, thus keeping them both safe and secure in case of a loss.

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Farming Resources

The above coverages, options and/or discounts may vary based upon your specific requirements. For complete coverage information and/or to receive a quote, please contact one of our Independent Insurance Agents.

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